ABK2600 Poultry Climate Controller

Color Touch Screen

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* Easy to use with color touch screen.

* According to animal weight, the herd adjusts the ventilation schedule according to age.

* At outside temperature, humidity automatically changes the ventilation according to the changes in carbon dioxide.

* All fans can be set as desired. (Minimum ventilation, Minimum ventilation + Tunnel, Tunnel)

* Speed-controlled ventilation is possible.

* Historical detailed reporting and running times can be seen.

* Controller can connect 4 heat sensors, 1 humidity sensor, 1 pressure sensor, 1 carbon dioxide sensor, 1 water meter.

* Sensor automatically deactivates the sensor in case of malfunctions.

* Controller has 9 Fan, 1 Heating, 1 Cooling, 1 Buffel (Flap), 1 Curtain, 1 Alarm output. There are also 9 fault signal inputs.

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