2200 Poultry Climate Controller

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2.021,20 + KDV

Poultry House, Animal Damage etc. It is used as a climate regulator, which controls the air conditioning machines of closed areas, with energy cut, high and low temperature alarm.

Features :

It controls heating, cooling, ventilation and a 6-step fan.

12V Alarm horn output and extra alarm contact output.

It is not affected by irregularities in mains voltage. It can operate between 170-250V AC.

The device has two sensors and must be selected automatically. These poultry control the internal temperature. Fault, break, short-circuit alarms are reported.

The battery life is quite long because the charged batteries are charged by themselves. It gives the alarms regularly and for a long time.

It has three phase control on it and provides extra motor protection.

It increases the cycles of working fans according to the temperature increase.

They may drive electronic speed regulators according to the temperature increase.

Toza and nemo-resistant construction.

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