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Our company has been operating in Bandırma since 1989 and has a closed area of ​​1200 m. It has electrical, mechanical, electronic, AR-GE, marketing, project units, their workshops and warehouses in the world.

Since the first day, we have provided unlimited service by renewing our domestic applications both in Turkey and abroad. We constantly inform our established facilities of changing innovations and change their systems in accordance with their desires.

We offer customized solutions with the unlimited service and spare parts, from the analysis of the newly installed systems to the projecting, design and installation.

Our aim is to provide better service to our customers by providing efficient and high quality production in accordance with international standards by using developing and renewing technologies with every passing day, and to achieve success with our ilk ilkiz.

In the first days of our establishment, we were doing electrical panel and assembly works for the feed vein factories. We first started to manufacture electric panels by installing our panel workshop next to our electrical workshop. We have used Panels on this board to international standards. We started to manufacture Fabricalara level sensor and jet filter timers by establishing our electronic workshop after our panel workshop where we are valuing the domestic manufacturing since those days.

When we moved to our location in the medium-sized sample industrial site in 1999, we also established AR-GE, Project, Marketing departments. We registered our brand as "ABK" and opened our website www.abkelsan.com. We published our products on our site and published their usage manuals.

We offer special solutions such as Computerized Dosage Scales, Chicken House Air Conditioning Equipments, Electronic Bagging Scales, Mill Feeders, Galvanized Silo Temperature Controllers, Continuous Level Meters, Impact Weighers, Belt Scales, Oil Coating Systems. Reactive power control relays and rail-type industrial control relays for electric markets. Many of the products we have made are able to communicate with other systems via Modbus (RS-485) communication.

In short, we do all electrical automation work from A to Z. Things usually go through the following stages.

          Hair Clipboard Manufacturers
          Panel mounting
          PLC and PC software
          Field elements and cable assembly
          Commissioning and Testing
We manufacture automation using PLC and Scada systems. The automation systems we have created are open structure and can be connected to any kind of communication system (Internet, Wireless access etc.).

By continuing to follow the systems we have done up to this day, we will continue to contribute to the country's economy by continuing our production of domestic goods.

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