ABK2670 Poultry Fodder Controller

Silo exhaustion Scale (lose in Weight)

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In broiler poultry; silo feet by putting loadcell, to be able to monitor the consumption of feed.
The loadcell is placed underneath the silo feet to form a reduction scales. The silo is connected to the upper door swichi. The level is mounted to understand that the last distribution coil deposit is empty. When the last distribution spool deposit is empty, the silo sub spool runs and the distribution spools fill the storages and stop. The daily consumption is calculated by recording the slope decrease. This system can also provide silo filling reports.

When the system is started;

            If the level of the last distribution coil deposit is not seen, that is, if it is zero, it is expected until the start delay, and the silo discharging helix fills the warehouse. When the reception is over, the amount to be waited until the stopping time is written down to the daily total. Look again at the level. Such operations are repeated. The total amount of feed given at the end of the day is recorded at the age of the flock. There may be a total of 60 days of feeding report. When the silo unloading helix is ​​running, an alarm is given if the feed is not exhausted at the end of the feed delay time. If the last dispense spool tank level is still at or near the end of its time, an alarm is given.
When the silo is filled, the top cover is opened and filling begins. The door is opened and the silo is being filled via swichi. At this time, if the silo unloading helix is ​​working, it is stopped. When the filling silo max is over KG, an alarm is given. If the filling time exceeds the silo filling time, an alarm is given. At the end of a normal filling process the cover is closed. The device records the amount of charge. He then resumes duty.
Inputs and outputs:
Relay 1: Silo unloading helix
Relay3: Alarm relay
IN1: Distribution spirals upper level (full = 1)
IN2: Silo filling cover open swichi (open = 1)

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