ABK2660 Poultry Fodder Controller

Hopper Scale

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In broiler poultry; between the silo and the distribution spirals.

The feed is fed to a cantilever bottom coil spiral. If the level of the lower level of the scale is empty (zero), the scale will eat and empty the pre-set amount. They wait for the level again.

System operation;

If the lower warehouse level does not seem to be eating, I would have pre-weighed as much material as possible in the upper helix. It's time to stop when the reception is over. Cover the gap wait and close. Look again at the level. Such harmony repeats itself. The amount of nutrition that occurs towards the end of the day occurs at the age of the herd. There may be a total of 60 days of feeding report. You will run the feed spiral. It is possible to retest the discharge level.

Inputs and outputs:

Relay 1: Feeding helix
Relay2: Scale bottom cover
Relay3: Alarm relay

IN1: scale level lower (full = 1)
IN2: Scale lower cover is closed (closed = 1)

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