ABK2120 Poultry Climate and Alarm Controller

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Poultry House, Animal Damage etc. It is used as a climate regulator, which controls heating, cooling, minimum ventilation and fans, indoor power, high and low alarm alarm.


- There are two temperature sensors. It can also work with one. It shows both the average and the values ​​of the sensors separately.
- Heating, Cooling, Minimum ventilation and 4 fan controls.
- 12V battery and 12V Alarm are available.
- Battery life is very long in the special battery charger unit. It gives the alarms regularly and for a long time. Indicates the battery voltage.
- Features including alarm silencing unit. The fault has restarted without error and is performing an additional external circuit.
- Power cut, alarm at high and low temperatures.
- It is not affected by irregularities in mains voltage. It can work between 170-250V AC (3 days without power)

Technical information:

Operating Voltage (Un): 220V AC
Operating Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Business Power: 10 VA
Internal Battery: 12V 1.2 Ah
Temperature Measuring range: 0-99,9 ° C
Output Connector: 5A, 250 VAC
Ambient Temperature: -5 ° C; +50 ° C
Protection Class: IP 55
Connection Shape: Plug-in Terminal Connected
Weight: 2000 gr

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