2305 Poultry Climate Controller

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It is programmed according to the principle "ventilation is required for high efficiency" and according to the country conditions. It fulfills the functions of heating - ventilation - cooling according to the sets.

Features :

The herd changes the temperature sets by following the ages. Temperature and ventilation setting value can be entered according to the sun. The entered values ​​are adjusted according to the desired days.

When the intervention is delayed in the alarm conditions, the alarm is notified to the phone about the SMS. When an SMS is received, the SMS also sends a poult status report to the phone. (Opt.)

The device should have four heat, one humidity, one pressure sensor input and one input. Three of these are the poultry internal temperature control and one is the external temperature control. Moisture Chicken controls internal humidity. The pressure makes a different measurement inside and outside the poultry house. Fault, break, short-circuit alarms are reported.

Heating, cooling, ventilation, 8 fans, 1 cover, 1 curtain, 1 alarm output are available.

Ventilation, Min. Ventilation is done with fans and wings. If the temperature rises when the ventilation is done, the ventilation goes directly to operation. If the heat continues to rise, it is supplemented with fans. If the temperature does not fall, cooling is provided by entering the circuit and opening the curtains. When the temperature drops, it returns to the ventilation mode.

Cover and curtain openings can be made with the pressure sensor, as well as opening the poultry where the sensor can not be used.

We are warranted for one year against manufacturing faults and we are not responsible for faults caused by equipment or systems

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