2110 Simple Climate and Alarm Controller

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1.995,38 + KDV

ABK 2110 Simple Air Conditioning and Alarm Controller was updated to ABK 2120 Poultry Air Conditioning and Alarm Controller.


Poultry House, Animal Damage etc. It is used as climate adjuster which controls the heating, minimum ventilation and fan of enclosed spaces, power cut, high and low temperature alarm.

Features :

High and low temperature alarm controller.

Heating, minimum ventilation and fan control.

Alarm horn output is available.

It is not affected by irregularities of mains voltage. It can operate between 170-250V AC. (3 days without power)

Toza and nemo-resistant construction.

Difference from similar ones;

There are two temperature sensors.

Since there is a special battery charging unit, battery life is quite long. It gives the alarms regularly and for a long time.

They have an alarm silencing unit, fault-free operation and no extra external circuitry required.

It gives an alarm when the electricity is cut off.

When used as an alarm controller, it can be installed by anyone.

When used as a ventilator and fan controller, the fan panels can be adapted by authorized personnel.

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