ABK1011 Mill Feeder Controller

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The mill; increasing the grinding quality and capacity. It saves energy. Excessive and sudden forcing reduces the need for spare parts and increases the durability. As a result of the jamming, unnecessary stops are saved, saving time and providing a healthy work.

* Because the mill is running and level-filled inputs, it prevents the feeder from operating at other times.
* Since the current flow values ​​can be entered, it is possible to use it for each power motor.
* Since 4 set values ​​are entered, they provide regulation in a short time.
* As the feeder motor can be driven automatically according to the flow; Manual operation is also possible when required.
* It is possible to work with all kinds of drivers since they are 0-10 V industrial analog outputs. It is also available at the relay outputs for different types of feeder applications.
* Since idle working times can be entered, goods are prevented from being stored in the upper storage area.
* At the same time; Ton / h - Percentage of turn - Current value can be seen separately.
* Since the input current is processed in 1024 pieces, very precise adjustment is possible.

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