4200 Computerized dosing scale controller

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From a computer ABK WINDOWS FACTORY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM provides control of dosing scale. The ABK WINDOWS FACTORY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM can be controlled by entering a single ration into each of nine dosing scales, provided that a controller is connected to each dosing scale.

It is the job of automatically picking up and discharging the different raw materials in the silo to the dosing scales by means of a computer. The system also provides sequential operation from a single menu to multiple dosing scales.

ABK 4200 Dosage Keeper Controller Features:

40 silos can be connected.

0-10 V Analog output. The speed regulator connected to the motors can be controlled automatically and can make more precise weighing.

The dosing controls whether the cover of the weighbridge is open and closed.

The dosing starts and stops the lower helix depending on the lower level.


Nine ABK 4200 dosing scale controllers can be connected.

Runs all dosing scales from one rash.

Silo changes can be made during operation.

When electricity is cut or the silo is changed, it may continue from where it left off.

There are automatic shooting features. Separate smash calculations for each silo.

There is a wide reporting feature. Keeps track of things done in the past. It can be given to the screen or printer when requested.

The operator destroys the faults.

It has stock control feature. When there is not enough raw material, the ration does not start and warns the user.

There is a malfunctioning warning.

Because it is a sequential work feature, it does not confuse parties in multiple rations.

6 silos of the same item can be used at the same time.

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