4120 Dual Electronic Bag Filling Controller

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3.183,39 + KDV

Two ABK 7100 weighing indicators are used together with "BCD output" in double-bead bagging scales.

Materials such as powder, granules are electronically weighed, stuffed into bags and kept in storage. The characteristic is that it is possible to produce 2 times using the same personnel and time.

It is compact.

It does not require a control caddy.

It shows the amount of each weighing (the weight weighing shows the outgoing bag separately).

He can finish half and complete.

The bag holds the name and total amount of goods in memory. There are two totalizers; total and overall total amount.

Continuous or a certain number of bags.

It can distinguish wrong bag between desired bands.

When there is a problem in any of the kefir, the other production continues.

It is designed for bags of flour, feed, fertilizer, pulses.

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