1010 Mill Feeder Controller

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2.021,20 + KDV

Mill; increasing the grinding quality and capacity. It saves energy. Excessive and sudden forcing reduces the need for spare parts and increases the durability. As a result of the jamming, unnecessary stops are saved, saving time and providing a healthy work.


Since the mill is running and level-filled inputs, it prevents the feeder from operating at other times.

Since current flow values ​​can be entered, it is possible to use the motor for each power.

4 Since the set value can be entered, it regulates in short time.

Depending on the flow, the feeder motor can be driven automatically or manually when required.

0 - 10 V industrial analog outputs, so it is possible to work with all kinds of drivers. Relay outputs are also available for different types of feeder applications.

Since empty working times can be entered, goods are prevented from being stored in the upper storage area.

At the same time; Ton / H - Percentage of Turnover - Current Value can be seen separately.

Note: ABK1010 model is ABK1011 model.

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