1036 Silo Temperature Controller

8 meters 4 sensors

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ABK 1036 Silo Heat Monitoring System

ATEX and CE certificates.


- Each cable has digital temperature sensors at 2 meter intervals.
- Electronic communication card is available on each cable. This electronic card communicates with all automation systems on the RS485 Modbus RTU. The supply voltage of the card is 24VDC.
- The sensor cable outer sheath is manufactured from high density polyethylene with 5 mm steel rope on both sides.
- The sensor can be removed from the cable when the silo is full.
- A certain number of cables can be placed in a silo.
-The accuracy of measurement is ± 1 ° C.
- Any kind of automation system can communicate with RS-485 modbus RTU.
- Ability to record from a computer or operator panel.

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